As a New Testament church, we identified seven essential beliefs about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

During the year, we will focus on these core beliefs and strive to instill a deeper understanding and commitment to them within the members and guest who attend North Fort Worth Baptist Church.

  • Jesus is God incarnate.
  • Jesus died for our sin, rose again and now reigns from a position of authority in order to reconcile us with God, the Father.
  • Jesus provides eternal salvation to whoever responds to Him as God and Savior.
  • Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to those who experience salvation in Him.
  • Jesus established the Church as a spiritual body to fulfill His continuing mission.
  • Jesus commands and enables those who have experienced salvation to walk in obedience to Him.
  • Jesus will return to earth and will separate the redeemed from the condemned for all of eternity.

Baptist Faith and Message

Over the past one hundred years, Southern Baptist churches have openly expressed their beliefs and doctrinal convictions concerning Jesus Christ, God’s plan of salvation, and the authority of the Bible. These documents will help you understand more about the beliefs of our church and other Southern Baptist churches.

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