Family Night is a chance for your entire family to connect and engage with others around topics that are relevant to your specific stage of life. 

Wednesdays | 6:45-8:00 pm

Dinner Available | 5:30 - 6:30 pm


Adults - Begins February 7


Pastor's Bible Study   
Room 501  
An in-depth Bible study covering various topics throughout the year


Freed To Be Me
Room 309 | Reservation Only
You were made with purpose, on purpose. God uniquely  designed you to reflect His image to the world in a way that no one else can. As you understand and appreciate who God created you to be, you are freed to live the full life for which you were intended—exchanging shame for joy, discontent for gratitude, and aimlessness for purpose.   

His Burden is Light
Room 505 
Dr. David Downey published his book, “His Burden is Light: Cultivating Personal Holiness” in October 2017. He will teach a 9-week overview of this subject on Wednesday nights
We will cover such interesting topics as: How This burden Is Light; Simple Devotion; Being Filled with the Holy Spirit; Resting in Heavenly Places; Praying without Intermission; The Importance of Spiritual Disciplines; Disabling Our Doubt; Spiritual Dryness; and Witnessing. Join us as we navigate this important subject together in answer to the clear call from God, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”

Sign Language
Room 315 | Cost: $20
Muriel Buie welcomes students to a beginner sign lanuage class. The cost is only $20 and includes a book.


Children and Students 


Elevate Student Ministry
 Room 304

7th-12th Grade

High energy service desgined to be welcoming of all students, regardless of their level of faith. A great place to connect with others and bring friends.


Team Kid

Room 303
1st-6th Grade

Children learn to apply their faith through practical truths from the Bible, hands-on experiences, fun games and activities, and music. 


Mission Friends
Room 106
4 & 5 Year Olds

A missions class that builds faith and helps children understand God's love for all people. Preschoolers learn about God's work around the world through age-appropriate, fun activities, games, and crafts.


Child Care
Room 102/103
0-3 Year Olds